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Divako delivers a complete finished IoT platform to gain control of sensor data such as water meters, temperature, pressure and much more.

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Condominium and housing association

Automatic invoicing makes cost distribution between homes more accurate and fair.

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Business and industry

The market's most cost-effective solution for remote reading of sensor data? Our goal is that you should find that here with us!

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Divako is simple and straightforward, with smart interfaces that you can adapt to meet your needs.

You get a simple and good overview of all meters in your system. In a cost-effective way, you can go from allocating costs according to fractions or estimates to allocating according to individual consumption. Fair for every single resident.

Achieve environmental scores through a system that provides individual control and increased awareness of one's own consumption of water and heat energy.

Real-time information regarding volume, energy, and any errors in the system does, of course, appear automatically.

Condominium owners use Divako

Divako has delivered several thousand water and energy meters to condominiums across the country. Some prefer to read data and allocate costs themselves, others want to give the business manager access to their data for efficient cost allocation management and invoicing.

With a solution from Divako, you collect all data, calculate distribution per unit (option) and make data available for export. Soon we will also launch a fully integrated invoicing service that will provide the solution with additional cost benefits.

Divako provides support and service follow-up of sensors and meters.

Benefits of Divako


Our systems ensure good privacy. The information is only shared with those who shall see it and not to third parties.

Easy to use

The solution is intuitive with a simple and straightforward overview. If you primarily want to push data to your system, our solution is tailored for this with many ready-to-use APIs.

Good support

Sometimes mistakes happen, and should they occur, we are always ready to help. Only a phone call away and with several service offices, we have a short way to many if a visit should be necessary.

Smart remote reading for cold & hot water, as well as heat/energy.

If your meters have a built-in radio transmitter, we can often connect Divako to the meters you have. If you need new meters, we offer the market's best solutions for both buying or leasing meters.