About Divako

Divako is a total provider of smart solutions for measuring water consumption.

Divako is developed by Øwre‐Johnsen. We have over 70 years of experience as a supplier of service, maintenance, and process equipment. We know which equipment works, and we have learned to know the needs of the market.

In the search for good and complete IoT solutions, we did not find what we were looking for and have therefore developed our own. The system is based on over 5 years of experience with LoRaWan in particular and IoT in general and has been put in place through long-term work during this period. The solution is still in development and will fulfill more and more needs of our existing and new customers in the years to come. Today we serve 3 main market segments that you can read about on these pages.

The company is headquartered in Trondheim, where it was established in 1948. Øwre‐Johnsen AS sells water meters throughout Norway and is today Norway's largest independent supplier of Siemens electromagnetic meters to the Norwegian municipal market. We also have an office for sales/service/development at Karihaugen in Oslo, and we are represented in Stavanger.

Øwre‐Johnsen AS is one of Norway's largest providers of water meters for homes and has grown significantly in recent years.

Øwre ‐ Johnsen collaborates with Norkart, Acabus, Crayon and more.

Environmental lighthouse certification through Øwre-Johnsen.

Being an Environmental Lighthouse involves systematic work with environmental measures in everyday life. Our business meets requirements and implements measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and a good working environment, with a focus on good and correct HSE work.

We have recently completed recertification (December 2021).

The certificate is recognized by the authorities in public procurement.

Proven experience

We emphasize solidity and credibility. Therefore, you will find a selection of reference stories on our pages. We will continuously publish new evidence that our customers increase their profitability and improve their operations, and we hope you find someone you can recognize yourself in. If you are looking for someone with a similar challenge as you, get in touch, we can very often point to solutions we have delivered elsewhere.

We are proud to be able to point to safe and good operations over many years, and have very good creditworthiness.

Our cleaning products are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled
Approved collection and recycling point for all used corrugated and cardboard packaging
Registered and qualified supplier
Registered and qualified supplier