Solutions that make commercial buildings and water deliveries smarter.

With a digital reading of water consumption, you get full control of variables such as consumption, temperature, and pressure, hour by hour, as well as notification of any leaks and deviations.

In many buildings, there are toilets and taps with small leaks. Collectively, these often sum up to tens of thousands (NOK) in one building alone. It's a waste of money and a waste of energy.


Our solution is robust and reliable. Today, we have more than 1,000 digital sensors installed in municipalities, commercial buildings, housing associations and condominiums, and private homes.

Share access

In our solution, you can easily delegate access to information to one or more meters.


Flexible structure allows you to place meters in groups and easily retrieve consumption figures for one or more meters, and have keys calculated for cost distribution.

Save time and money.

Previously, Kjell at Korterødfjellet VA plant had to go down into this manhole to read the water meter every month. Now they can report that the solution from Divako works brilliantly. “We are very pleased to avoid regular visits to the manhole. Now we have everything we need on the screen.
We recommend both the equipment and service from Divako. ”

What we deliver


wM-Bus, Nb-IoT, LoRaWan


Amount, level, temp, etc.


Notifications by sms, e-mail

Secure data

Data in Norway, in Norwegian a solution.

What do we deliver?

We can deliver new meters, but we can often help you retrieve data from meters already on site. In such cases, customers can mount the equipment on the meters themselves, or we can come and connect everything entirely for you. In many places, there are meters with wireless transmitters already installed. Then we only install a small Gateway that listens for the meters and sends data to divako. Here you can log in and follow consumption, alarms, and other administration.

In the example above where Kjell comments from Korterødfjellet, we use a very cost-effective solution with a wM-Bus meter (delivered up to DN50). This is battery-powered with a 15-year lifespan. At the top of the basin is a small Gateway that also runs on battery. It has a sim card and sends data over Nb-IoT.

IoT made simple - from Divako. 

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