We give municipalities what they need to get started with IoT!

Divako is adapted to municipalities that are completely new to IoT, and at the same time advanced, scalable, and functional enough for those who have long experience and are ready to take the next step. Finally, a complete Norwegian developed platform for domestic water meters and other sensors. Local support and assistance, fast and efficient adaptation and development.

Divako has everything you need for efficient administration and management of IoT data. Below you will find an overview of the most important functions. The solution is under continuous development and new functionality is released regularly. If there is something you miss in the description below, get in touch! 

The core of Divako is built around effective integrations. With good APIs for retrieving data both in and out of the system, you are guaranteed a scalable platform that can handle your future needs.

If you use Norkart's Komtek solution, you have a "straight out of the box" clear integration with both the test and the operating environment.

We have integrations with everything from Komtek to YR, AWS, MS Azure and many more.

Do you have your own LoRaNet or use another player's network? No problem, then you can use Divako to connect data and manage the data flow.

We build new APIs so efficiently that we very rarely charge to establish new APIs.

Data from battery-powered sensors comes extremely compressed. The data packets must be decrypted and decoded. We call this decoding parsing. In Divako, you get included parsing for all well-known water meters on the Norwegian market. This includes all data from the meters, of course also hourly values (where available in the package) and alarms.

Divako does more than parcel packages. We also harmonize data so that data is prepared for export / API against other applications. This is a demanding operation that can be cumbersome and time consuming to handle from scratch for a single customer. Use Divako, and all this is included!


We give you what you need to have full control of your sensors. In the solution, you can see the status back in time and easily evaluate whether the measures you take on the network page give the desired effect on the coverage. You can also check the redundancy in your network by checking if a sensor communicates through 1 or more gateways.

Many people use Divako to manage the web and transport data to end applications, but you can also read out measurement data / meter parameters in this application. We have created smart interfaces for this. Below you see a water meter in a graph that shows weekly data. In this case, the meter has been without contact with the network for a few weeks. The meter itself has counted data so when it enters the network again you have correctly accumulated data (line). The system understands that the difference between the two data points is not consumption last week and therefore does not show a separate column with "incorrect" data.

These are things to keep in mind when interpreting information. In Divako you get this included.


Creating value out of alarms is one of the main drivers behind the roll-out of remote-read water meters. Our philosophy is that an alarm has not created value before the one he caused / triggered an action in someone, whether it is the end user or the supplier of the product the instrument measures (often water). This means a lot more than being able to forward an alarm from an instrument.

Water meters from different manufacturers send a number of different alarms, and if you send this untreated, an end application will have to work with at least 40 different alarms, while in reality there are 7-8 conditions / alerts that trigger the alarms across all manufacturers.

At Divako, we harmonize the alarms for you so that it can easily be communicated in an understandable way on to the end user / end application.

If you have worked a lot with IoT for a municipality, you are aware that one of the challenges is related to the fact that data can reach you across many different network solutions. It is not particularly unique if you are going to retrieve data over LoRaWan , Nb-IoT , wM-Bus and maybe even FTP .

Examples of connections you can use, which are included in Divako:

In addition, it may be relevant to retrieve data from an external data source / one or more different network providers. Dealing with this in separate interfaces is very tricky and expensive.

You must have one place to manage data from all your sensors. This solves Divako for you! Connect the integrations and networks you need, and all the instruments come in one place - in a single overview.

Whether you use your own network managed in our network server, or have another remote one, you will take advantage of the map possibilities in Divako. Most integrations provide position data on the gateways so they automatically appear on the map. If you enter the location of your instruments, the map will automatically draw lines towards the gateway that gives the best signal. The lines are colored according to radio volume / noise. In the map, you can also, with a single click, choose to see measurement parameters rather than network information.

Meter data tab under map.

When working with IoT, it is a known fact that the system can receive corrupt data. There can be many different reasons why data is corrupted, and although it does not happen often, it is important that the system is able to distinguish incorrect data.

This is something we work with in Divako. A beta solution is already live with some customers. This tool will operate on custom algorithms and AI logic to ensure good data to the end customer.

In our solution, you can send downlinks to your instruments in one portal, regardless of the form of communication. Whether the instrument communicates via LoRaWan, Nb-IoT or FTP / SMS. You communicate with them from and in Divako. Here you can save your own downlinks as actions, and have these lying around for each individual instrument or instrument type. Do you want to send a message to many at once? You have that opportunity here.

Solution for mapping your own web coverage. Seamlessly integrated with range tests that plot position and radio strength / noise ratio in a visual interface for you.

We offer and mapping of networks for you if you want to put away this service.

One thing is to transport data. Another issue is to understand the data, and process it in such a way that it creates value for the end user. It requires that you use an actor who knows something about instrumentation, who knows what your instrument communicates and how the system and the user should interpret the information.

Øwre-Johnsen has 70 years of experience with instrumentation. We know what you can expect to read, and we have the experience and competence needed to get data out correctly.

Many times the data is passed on to other applications. Then it is very important to be able to understand what comes in, and what the end application should have, (and not) have of data flowing from the instrument. The same applies if the data comes from an advanced zone meter from Siemens or from a domestic water meter.


Our solution is robust and reliable. We have today, several thousand digital sensors installed in municipalities, in commercial buildings, in housing associations, condominiums, and private homes.


Send data directly to prepared and finalized APIs to Norkart / Komtek, Crayon, or other systems. Water temperature from bathing sites, directly to YR? We have API for this and send data to other systems very cost-effective!


We have everything you need to simplify everyday life and save costs: wireless sensors, communication, data reception, data storage, and applications.

Complete solution for IoT network and sensor administration.

Divako is a flexible open solution for IoT sensor administration. We deliver complete solutions with Gateway and sensors, but can also pull data from other networks/data carriers. In the solution, you can map coverage, monitor sensors, read finished parsed data, send downlinks to the sensors, and share data with other systems.

The system also offers flexible ability to store, read and process sensor data. Parsing included!

Everything in one place - adapted to your municipality's needs!


Use others or build your own!


Water, pressure, temp, etc.

Leak detection

Domestic water & zone meters


Alarms - made easy!

Expand your zone water network in a very cost-effective way!

Many municipalities have great control over their water production and their main distribution network. But as you get further out on the system, the control is often reduced. Installing main power for all points of interest in the network can be very expensive. That's no longer needed!

We have the market's most cost-effective solution for installing a battery-powered electromagnetic meter. Plug & play, pre-configured from us, you get meters and data prepared in a cloud solution. Monitor your meters in Divako or forward data to your existing leak search / SD system.


With a simple and efficient web interface, we configure the MAG8000 to send data to your Divako account. You can choose how often you want data and at which resolution. All the way up to data per minute. The meter delivers accumulated volume on one or more counters, flow, battery capacity, and a series of alarms.

In the cloud solution, you can set limit values for notification yourself, or you can activate ready-to-use APIs for sending data to other systems.

The meter can be mounted in the pot in the manhole (IP68) and with the transmitter, battery, and antenna under the manhole cover, alternatively with the antenna directly outside the manhole if there is no signal coverage down in the manhole. No requirement for a direct signal path, and minimal installation cost. No technical installation other than the transmitter and antenna (possibly external battery pack if desired). Assumes GSM coverage on-site. You get the meter complete with SIM, fully activated.

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