Save money and achieve environmental benefits with a solution from Divako.

With a digital, wireless reading of water consumption, housing associations and condominium owners can have full control of water consumption hour by hour, as well as notification of any leaks and deviations. Invoicing can be automated and carried out monthly, and the cost distribution between the housing units can be made more accurate and fair.

Sometimes we can use the meters that are already installed, other times we install new water and energy meters, preferably in collaboration with a local plumber. Contact us and we will help you identify the possibilities.


Our solution is robust and reliable. Today, we have more than 1,000 digital sensors installed in municipalities, commercial buildings, housing associations and condominiums, and private homes.


We collaborate with Norkart, which offers the Komtek service - the system most Norwegian municipalities use to invoice water and sewage fees.


We have everything you need to simplify everyday life and save costs: wireless sensors, communication, data reception, data storage, and applications.

Divako can help you save time and money with our solutions.

Data is reported to the accountant. Divako provides support and service follow-up of sensors and meters.

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