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Privacy statement, Øwre-Johnsen as / Divako

Divako - Privacy statement

Divako is a platform for handling IoT data flow with a particular focus on water and energy. With solutions from Divako, you can retrieve, read, interpret and understand consumption data and other relevant information that comes from the instruments connected to the network. Divako consists of services and solutions for various market segments. We supply solutions for municipalities that want to collect data from, among other things, water meters, we supply solutions for condominiums that want control over consumed water and energy, and we supply customized solutions for other larger customers.

Divako is a brand operated by Øwre-Johnsen as. Divako is also subject to Øwre-Johnsen as (ØJ)'s privacy policy which you can find here ( , but since divako handles more data than ØJ does in other segments, and for others purpose, we have created this additional declaration which complements ØJ's declaration. This privacy policy generally applies to the company Øwre-Johnsen as and all activities delivered under the Divako service.

Øwre-Johnsen as / Divako is concerned with safeguarding your privacy when we handle private information. We also do everything we can with our software to ensure that customers who store private information about their contacts also safeguard privacy in a responsible manner. For example, it may be your personal data that is stored with us if, for example, you live in a municipality that uses Divako to remotely read your water meter, or you live in a condominium that uses Divako to allocate costs related to water and energy. First of all, we want to convey to everyone that ØJ/Divako will never sell personal data to other businesses. We also do not transfer the handling of personal data to other companies, so ØJ/divako is the data processor. 

Data controller.

The controller for personal data according to this privacy policy is:

Øwre-Johnsen as

Organization number: 919 151 137

E-mail address and contact:

Telephone: 72 59 61 00

In the sections that follow, we list the reasons why we process personal data. In very few cases, all of these points apply, but to ensure that all reasons are listed, the list becomes longer than is relevant for a single customer.

Secure data flow

In order to be able to allocate costs related to water and energy, it is important to know that data from your meters reaches its destination. Therefore, we need to know where the sensors are so that we can ensure that the network works as it should, and identify challenges in the network if one or more sensors fail.

Detect leaks

In order to detect water leaks in zones or at private individuals, we depend on knowing where the sensors are and what they measure with a resolution of up to once per hour. Data is used to be able to compare against larger zones and highlight the need for measures in the network that can contribute to reduced leaks, reduced costs and better environmental economics.

Distribute costs

Some customers use divako to spread costs. Then we have to register homes that live in the section in question and the corresponding address and telephone so that we or our customer can communicate effectively with you.


In divako you can set notifications related to sensor status. It could be, for example, that a water meter shows consumption at night when no water is supposed to flow, or that the temperature is too low in a technical room so that there is a risk of frost damage. In order to communicate the status of the sensors to you, we must store personal data.

Send invoice

Divako can send an invoice related to costs that are distributed to your section based on meter readings from your meters.

Provide customer service

Divako provides customer service and needs to store information in order to deliver this in a good and efficient way. Including being able to handle complaints about equipment. 

Data analysis

Divako processes your information for the purpose of analyzing consumption data on behalf of our customers. The analyzes are linked to being able to develop better and more correct delivery of the services as well as contributing to divako being able to develop the service and constantly offer better solutions for our customers. In this context, data is aggregated and to a very small extent individually identifiable.


A maximum of once a month we send a newsletter with relevant information within your field of expertise.

This can typically deal with product updates / news, course dates and other relevant products and

customer information.

What is stored?

The information that can be stored to meet the above needs is: 

– Name, address, telephone and e-mail (contact details)

– Social security number (only in cases where the invoice function is in use)

– Communication history, information you choose to share with us.

– Consumption/meter data, alarms and history.

Treatment basis

The processing basis for the above information is: 

Entitlement interest, fulfillment of agreement, 

Storage time

Your personal information is stored for as long as is necessary for the company / service to be able to fulfill its agreed obligations. Personal data is deleted when your or our customer's customer relationship ends and the basis for processing ceases.

Your rights

You have the right to request access to all personal data that we process about you. You have the right to request corrections or deletion of personal data, unless this is data that is linked to purchases you have made, or that is necessary for us to be able to fulfill our terms towards you or our customer. The storage time for different types of information may vary, e.g. The Accounting Act obliges us to store invoice information for at least 5 years.